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Providence Division Chief Mission Officer - South in Irvine, California



The Mission is the reason we exist. The Division Chief Mission Officer (CMO) helps to shape and influence how the Mission, Values, and Vision are lived out in the daily life of our ministries. This Mission work touches on all aspects of organizational life including governance, strategy, operations and the nurturing of our caregivers. Sustaining a culture consistent with the Mission and Values requires vigilance at all times especially during times of change and transition to maintain our Catholic identity and to ensure constant alignment with whom we say we are.

Key Working Relationships:

The position reports to the EVP Mission, PSJH, and must establish and maintain effective working relationships with leaders and caregivers at all levels in, as well as with PSJH vendors, agents, and others. The Division CMO has a matrix relationship with the Divisional Chief Executive and is a trusted confidant and member of the Divisional Council and a member of the Executive Leadership Council. The Division CMO creates and maintains alignment among divisional Mission leaders in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives. Collaborates with Marketing and Communications executives to ensure communications explicitly connect with the PSJH Mission and Core Values. The CMO also works in partnership with Human Recourses to ensure that we attract and retain caregivers that are aligned with the Mission and Values.


  • Executive Leadership Participation, Divisional Team

  • Mission and Values Integration

  • Formation Programs

  • Ethics Services

  • Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education

  • Relationship with local Bishops (except the Archbishop of Seattle)

  • Community Partnerships


Strategic leadership and prophetic voice

  1. Division Chief Mission Officer (CMO) is a member of the divisional senior leadership team.

While living the Mission is the responsibility of every person within PSJH, the CMIO has the special responsibility of courageously holding the Mission focus as PSJH moves into the future.

  1. This position holds a key leadership role for Providence and has direct accountability for California healthcare operations. This position advances these accountabilities through our CARES model: Counseling, Advocating, Renewing, Ethically discerning and Spiritually supporting.

  2. Division CMO participates in key leadership groups for strategy and planning.

  3. Leads the divisional Mission team

  4. Organizes education and facilitates the use of the PSJH Mission and Values Discernment Process.

  5. Participates in the integration of Mission and Values into policies, procedures, objectives, and service in operational areas: e.g., management development, human resources, finances, planning, advocacy/government relations, communication and marketing, community health services, and other areas as identified.

  6. Participates in the interview process for executive leadership in the ministry to assure Mission and Values alignment.

  7. Maintains effective relationships with other operational and shared services leaders as well as the Community Ministry Board (CMB), Foundation Board, and Advisory Councils. Ensures that Board members understand Mission accountability role in respect to health care as a ministry that operates a business in the community and supports Board formation in the Division.

  8. Serves with the divisional chief executive as liaison with local Ordinaries (bishops).

  9. Engages physicians with on-boarding and participation in Mission programs as appropriate.


Continuing the ministry of PSJH over generations requires special attention by all leaders. The Division CMO is key in walking with those in leadership as they engage in the formation processes of ongoing growth as persons and as caregivers.

  1. Work with the system formation executive and Divisional Executive team to ensure effective leadership formation of leaders as well as ongoing formation within the ministry, including the CMB and Foundation Boards.

  2. Promotes the Mission onboarding of leaders and caregivers.

  3. Mentors' leaders in Mission Integration and Values interpretation.

  4. Works with local Mission leaders to ensure leadership formation occurs throughout the division and participation in system formation programming.

  5. Partners with PSJH Human Resources team on Leadership Development programs.


The Division CMO interfaces with the system office of sponsorship in sustaining our PSJH heritage and Catholic identity, so the Mission and Values are rooted in all we do.

  1. Ensures orientation programs are available to introduce caregivers, leaders, providers, and affiliates to the PSJH Heritage, Mission, and Values.

  2. Ensures that the ministries have effective events to help in Mission Integration, for example, heritage celebrations, traditions, regular and appropriate reflections, missioning ceremonies.

  3. Oversees the continuation of Catholic identity within the ministry while remaining open to the diversity of the community.

  4. Promotes the relationship with the Catholic Diocese and local churches.

  5. Liaison with the system office of sponsorship to coordinate visits with Bishops in addition to participating in the visits.

  6. Works with system Mission leadership to coordinate Mission assessments on a regular basis.


A fundamental responsibility of the Division CMO, in collaboration with system Ethics and Theology leadership, is to hold the ministry’s integrity in trust with others and adherence to the PSJH Mission and Values Discernment Process in both the clinical and organizational context. Responsibilities are shared and fulfilled in collaboration with the divisional director of ethics.

  1. May serve on the Divisional Ethics Council.

  2. Coordinates alignment of local system ethics activities with system-wide ethics programs, policies, educational opportunities, and activities.

  3. Ensures the 24/7 ethics case consultations service in divisional ministries and assures the effectiveness of local ethics committees concerning ethics consultation, education, and policy development.

  4. Division CMO is informed of any critical issues that put the ministry’s identity at risk or could cause scandal in the community.

  5. Division CMO ensures the timely development and review of essential policies and procedures for addressing ethical issues in patient care, clinical research, and corporate responsibility as applicable.

  6. Ensures ongoing clinical and organizational ethics education within in division as a means of building ethics capacity and sensitivity among senior leaders.

Mission-inspired culture

A Mission inspired culture is one in which the members of PSJH animate both the purpose and Core Values of the organization through their words and behaviors.

Justice in the Workplace

  1. Works with Human Resources to ensure programming has an integrated focus on Catholic Social Teachings (Human Dignity, Subsidiarity, Participation, Rights of the Worker, Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable, Solidarity)

  2. Collaborates with Divisional executives to ensure that programs and services address caregiver flourishing, wellbeing and resilience.

  3. Coordinate with HR to ensure participation in senior leadership interviews.

Spiritual Care

Providing spiritual care is to tend to the life force, the essence, the spirit of those we serve.

  1. Assures the appropriate delivery of spiritual care services, including sacramental ministry, for both patients and caregivers throughout the continuum of care consistent with the PSJH Spiritual Care Standards of Excellence.

  2. Where applicable, oversees programs for clinical pastoral education and ensures appropriate accreditation status for the program.

  3. Works with others to provide a holistic approach to patient care and services.

Care for those who are poor and Vulnerable

Our partnership with community health is part of our intent to improve the health and well-being of those living in our community where we serve, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Our community health partnership aligns the influence of PSJH to raise awareness and inspire all to serve. Specifically, the work of the community health team provides opportunities for PSJH caregivers to experience Mission in action as we work to advance Health for a Better World.

  1. Executes the implementation of shared metrics, processes, practices and goals outlined by the Division and community health team.

  2. Advances and celebrates caregiver participation in PSJH sponsored:

  3. Domestic service activities

  4. Annual advocacy agenda planning

  5. Direct advocacy campaigns for important health care and social programs, both digital and traditional

  6. Environmental stewardship across the ministry, including Green Teams

  7. Collaborates with the community health team to ensure Divisional and ministry efforts are consistent with system community health strategic priorities and reflect the needs identified by the community. Works with appropriate boards to ensure engagement and adoption of the Divisional community health assessments and plans.

  8. Integrates our work in the communities into ongoing formation activities.

  9. Partners with Divisional and ministry Foundation / philanthropic leaders to thank and recognize major donors and show how their gifts of time, talent and treasure contribute to the Mission.

  10. Supports and advances internal stakeholder engagement in community health activities.


  • Division CMO must be a practicing member of the Catholic Church

  • Master’s Degree in Theology, Divinity, Spirituality, Health Care Mission, Religious Studies or related field of ministry

  • Formal training in Ethics preferred. Must have a thorough knowledge of the teachings and principles and traditions of the Catholic Church.

  • Must have a thorough understanding of Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services

  • Ten years of increasing responsibilities as a health care professional or administration of Mission related programs or services

  • Eight years of leadership experience is required

  • Must demonstrate competence in: collaborative processes, culture and change management, group facilitation, verbal and written communication, and continuous improvement methodologies

  • Understanding of principles and practices of adult learning

  • Specialized field training in ethics, formation, spiritual care, or community partnerships

  • Theoretical and practical understanding, rooted in sound theology, of the Mission and values of PSJH and the health care ministry of the Catholic Church

  • Demonstrate understanding the fundamentals and challenges of healthcare operations.

  • Communicates an integrated and balanced personal spirituality aligned with PSJH as a Catholic ministry. Able to articulate the connections between personal and organization spirituality and the workplace

  • Able to engage individuals from diverse religious backgrounds in understanding and appreciating their role as leaders of a Catholic ministry while honoring their own religious or spiritual traditions

  • Demonstrates personal and interpersonal skills that engender confidence, trust, and credibility among peers, caregivers, medical staff, volunteers, patients, and community citizens

  • Able to lead, inspire and influence others in the pursuit of PSJH vision and strategic goals. Confidence to be a prophetic voice.

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Requsition ID: 217866
Company: Providence Jobs
Job Category: Mission Services
Job Function: Administration
Job Schedule: Full time
Job Shift: Day
Career Track: Leadership
Department: 4015 SS MISSION SUPPORT
Address: CA Irvine 3345 Michelson Dr
Work Location: Providence Health System Office-Irvine
Pay Range: $296K - $350K
The amounts listed are the base pay range; additional compensation may be available for this role, such as shift differentials, standby/on-call, overtime, premiums, extra shift incentives, or bonus opportunities.
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